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About me

Why I do what I do

Life is a series of ups and downs, for each and every one of us, including myself. I learned early on that no matter what happens there is a solution for every problem and life continues to move forward – I am the creator of my life. My experiences have led me to take risks and to dare to do things I may not have otherwise done. Even so, not everything has been easy and there were, and still are, hurdles to overcome and challenges to face. There is always something valuable to be learned and every experience offers the opportunity to grow. My motto is “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. By continuing to forge new paths and have new experiences, life remains exciting (even though it can sometimes be exhausting). It is never, ever boring.

Several times throughout my life I have changed both my professional and personal life. I have been at points where I was sad, desperate, hopeful and equally thrilled when things did work out. I know all of these phases because I have experienced them myself. The most important thing is to get up and continue to try, often in a new and different way. Having had these experiences myself, I know that we sometimes need guidance. I am now in a position to offer my wisdom to you so that you can create the life that you desire.

Education and Training


Portfolio management (wealth creation/protection)


Dowsing (geopathic/energetic disturbances)

2022 - 2023

Feng Shui consultant

2016 - 2017



In-depth training as non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy

2014 - 2015

Creative Developer

2014 - 2015



Systemic work/emotional intelligence


Negotiation skills


Business mediation

2007 - 2010

Training as a tax consultant

2005 - 2006

Advanced training as an international accountant

2002 - 2003

Advanced training as a tax specialist


Training as an assistant tax consultant

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