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Procrastination – An Indicator for Success   Procrastination is a topic that we’re all familiar with. This involves doing certain tasks that we don’t like and so we put them off until the last minute....

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The Entrepreneur Mindset

The Entrepreneur Mindset – the Path to Success   Have you ever wondered why there are successful entrepreneurs and others who aren’t? What do some do right and others do wrong? The key to an...

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Business Knowledge

Business Knowledge- Laying the Foundation for Success   To successfully run a company, it is important to have a solid knowledge of business management. Many entrepreneurs, however, do not have this...

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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions- How to Successfully Implement Them   Each year many people make resolutions for the coming year on New Year's Eve. The most common ones are working out, having a healthier diet...

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Accepting boundaries

Accepting boundaries– treating other people with respect   Last month, I wrote about setting your own boundaries in my blog post "Setting boundaries - treating yourself with respect". It is crucial to...

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Setting boundaries

Setting boundaries – treating yourself with respect   In both our professional and private lives, we often do things that we don't really agree with and that we should have said no to. Why is this?...

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The Email Inbox

The Email Inbox - Distraction and Time Eater   With the daily madness of email overload, there's almost nothing better than an inbox free of unread messages. How often do we actually achieve this? Due...

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Expert Network

Expert Network - The Relief for Entrepreneurs   As an entrepreneur you are confronted over and over with challenges that you cannot solve by yourself. This can be due several factors: lack of...

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Business plan

Business plan - How the Company Should Be   Have you, at some point, written a business plan for your company? Maybe you’ve been self-employed for several years or your business is already operating...

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Financial planning

Financial planning - The Foundation of a Company   Solid financial planning is one of the most important foundations for your business. Only when your finances are in order, do you, as an entrepreneur,...

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Self-Perception - Understanding Interpersonal Relationships Differently   People grow up under different conditions and have different experiences throughout their lives. Our upbringing and our life...

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Your Customer Base

Your Customer Base - Resource or Obstacle?   Do you have customers that constantly annoy you? Are they customers who don't value your service(s), cause trouble and end up not paying their bill or pay...

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