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Business plan

– How the Company Should Be


Have you, at some point, written a business plan for your company? Maybe you’ve been self-employed for several years or your business is already operating and you don’t think it’s necessary anymore?

However, perhaps you could achieve much more as a business If

As the saying goes, energy follows attention. It’s the same for business.

There are several reasons why it makes sense to write a business plan- regardless of whether you are just starting out or already underway. It’s important to understand that:

Writing a business plan allows you to think about your business, from the ground up, and take a closer look at each area. Often, you are working in areas, doing tasks and striving for goals that might be very outdated. This ties up time and energy. Bring your goals up to date and use your time and energy to implement them now.


A business plan should contain the following components:

  • Information about the founder (qualifications, industry knowledge, strengths, shortcomings).
  • Business idea (outline of the idea, description of the product/service, short and long term goals, how to start the business, what is needed to start)
  • Customer description (who are your customers – including age/income/gender, where are your customers located, what are your customers needs)
  • Location (where, why, advantages and disadvantages of location)
  • Competition (who is your competition, what are their strengths and weaknesses, price comparison)
  • Marketing (benefits of your offers for customers, advantages of your product/service, selling price of your product/service, price calculation, costs of distribution, target areas, distribution partners, how do you want to make your product/service known, advertising measures)
  • Legal form (which legal form does your company have, why did you choose this)
  • Organization of your company (structure of the company, headquarters, date of establishment, shareholders, managing directors, owners, contracts, employees – qualifications)
  • Risks and opportunities of your company
  • Financial planning (capital requirements, financing plan, liquidity plan, collateral for loans, earnings forecast/profitability forecast)


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