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New Year’s Resolutions

– How to Successfully Implement Them


Each year many people make resolutions for the coming year on New Year’s Eve. The most common ones are working out, having a healthier diet or getting more rest. Every year, after just a few weeks, these good intentions disappear and normal life takes over once again.

Why is that? Resolutions are not goals. To really achieve or change something, a New Year’s resolution is not enough. A clear goal needs to be defined.

How does that work?

To successfully achieve your resolutions or goals you need to:

  1. Define your goal as clearly as possible.
  2. What is your motivation? Why do you want to achieve your goal? How important is your goal to you? Your motivation is crucial to whether or not you will achieve your goal.
  3. Define your goal in measurable terms, ex. lose 5kg, add 10 new clients, make 250,000.00€ turnover in 2024.
  4. Set a realistic time frame. When exactly do you want to have achieved the goal? What framework is feasible?
  5. For larger goals, divide the goal into smaller parts and create a work schedule for them.
  6. Celebrate each success- no matter how small- while working on your goals. This will give you the momentum to continue.

It is essential to have clear goals to achieve what you set out to do. I would encourage you to always be working towards a goal- not only at the first of the year.

I would be happy to help you define and implement your goals. Simply contact me at julia@buhmann.consulting