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From Chaos to Order – Business Consulting for Sustainable Success!


Unternehmen Julia Buhmann

Do you have the feeling there is untapped potential in your already successful company? If so, then I’d like to tell you more about my customized consulting offers.

My name is Julia Buhmann. I began my professional career in tax consultancy but soon found that my true calling was actually in management consulting. Early on in life, I realized that it is a series of ups and downs and that every challenge presents us with an opportunity to grow. With this knowledge, I made a clear decision to become self-employed.

During my career in tax consultancy, I also worked in business mediation and negotiation. I came to understand that a holistic approach to business consulting is the key to success. In addition to the hard facts and figures, it is equally as important for the human and energetic aspects to have a place in the center of the business equation. Once I saw how important it was to look at all of these attributes as a whole, I converted my tax consultancy into a management consultancy.

Over the years, both my professional and private life have been through great changes. I’ve had phases of deep despair and sadness when nothing seemed to be going my way, and also periods of hope and joy when things were easy and successful. All of these experiences have taught me that giving up is not an option. It is important to get up time and time again and keep moving forward. Sometimes we simply can’t do it alone and we need help.  My counseling services are set up to help you during these tricky life phases.

Drawing on my personal life experiences, I can competently guide you through the demanding phases of life. I have many years of experience in this field and a wealth of diverse training. With my business consulting services, I support you in finding your unique path and shaping your life according to your ideas and dreams.

The 6 success keys for your company


Your company is the expression of your personal fulfillment and independence.


Finances are the foundation of all your endeavors.


Your personality and ideas define the purpose of your journey.


Spaces influence you. If you are in the right mental, physical and energetic space, it will support all of your enterprises.


Energy is very effective when it is focused and clear.

Sphere of Influence

In the correct sphere of influence, everything works more smoothly.

Ihr Unternehmen an erster Stelle!

I prefer to use the word “challenges” instead of “problems” – and look forward to working through them together with you as part of my business consulting services. 

Feel free to contact me personally or via my website.

Bringen Sie Ihr Unternehmen in Einklank mit Ihrem Alltag.

Here is how my consulting services can help you and your company:

Due to my extensive experience and varied training, I take a holistic view of your company and advise you precisely and individually. In doing so I combine my financial background with my intuitive skills – a unique blend that makes my consulting concept successful.

Depending on your specific consulting needs, I provide you with the exact support you need in the given situation. For you, this means a significant improvement in your circumstances, more success, and more stable finances.

I use a comprehensive approach in all of my consulting services. I have found this to be the secret to sustainable business success.

Unternehmen und Consulting

I work with:

  • Systemic consulting
  • Negotiation management
  • Business consulting
  • Constellation work
  • Aura consulting
  • Feng Shui
  • Dowsing (geopathic/energetic disturbances)
  • Astrology

I would be happy to advise you in Munich, throughout Bavaria and beyond. Please contact me for more information and for a customized consulting offer that suits you and your current situation. I look forward to working with you.

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