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From Chaos to Order – Clarity equals Success


Julia Buhmann Consulting

The 6 success keys for your company


Your company is the expression of your personal fulfillment and independence.


Finances are the foundation of all your endeavors.


Your personality and ideas define the purpose of your journey.


Spaces influence you. If you are in the right mental, physical and energetic space, it will support all of your enterprises.


Energy is very effective when it is focused and clear.

Sphere of Influence

In the correct sphere of influence, everything works more smoothly.

Ihr Unternehmen an erster Stelle!

Have you been successful with your business for a long time, but wish to achieve more?

Are you struggling with the enthusiasm for your job, which you have always enjoyed, because of the demands of daily life?

Do you want to improve or expand your (business-) relationships?

Bringen Sie Ihr Unternehmen in Einklank mit Ihrem Alltag.

How you benefit

  • Problems and blockades are solved so that your energy is used effectively to achieve your goals
  • Your task load will be clearly structured, allowing you to use your time efficiently for the most important aspects of your life
  • Conflict situations are approached constructively and positively creating (business) relationships that are sustainable and lasting
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