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Your Customer Base

– Resource or Obstacle?


Do you have customers that constantly annoy you? Are they customers who don’t value your service(s), cause trouble and end up not paying their bill or pay late?

If so, then it’s time to clean up your customer base.

To help this process, it’s a good idea to classify your customers into three categories:

A = very good

B = okay

C = bad.

Start by saying goodbye to the C-customers- they take away your time and waste energy. You can use both of these to acquire new A and B customers and for other projects within your company.

If your business lives on referrals, then it is far better to be referred by A and B customers. People like spending time with like-minded people which upholds the principle that good customers bring good customers.


You don’t always know exactly which of your customers belong to the C category. Together we will identify them, giving you more time and energy for your A and B customers. Simply contact me at julia@buhmann.consulting


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